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Ibiza has evolved from being a humble hippy island to an international party capital and to the paradise of the international cool jet-setAll the top names, especially from the fashion industry at the big capitals like Paris, London or Milan pilgrimage now every Summer to the White Island.

Located in the Balearic archipelago, Ibiza is home to the most impressive beaches, sunsets and coasts of extreme beauty that have attracted many Europeans over the years. In the last decade, the number of visitors has increased over 20%, seeing a constant growth in different nationalities including French, Dutch, British, German, Swiss and Italian, amongst others. Moreover, in 2021 the Ibiza private jet terminal received the highest number of private jets since 2011.

Ibiza property market

Besides Ibiza being a relatively small island, the property market is often compared to London as there is a high-end selection of real estate to choose from. You can choose between penthouses around Ibiza old town, luxury villas in the South of the island or traditional farmhouses in the countryside.

The charm that surrounds Ibiza has caused the value of homes on the island to be higher than most areas of Spain. Not surprisingly, its value can be almost three times higher than the average in mainland Spain.

Ibiza property market lionsgate capital

Top 5 Ibiza assets

Sustainable approach lionsgate capital

Sustainable approach

Beaches and nature lionsgate capital

Beaches and nature

Yoga and mindfulness lionsgate capital

Yoga and mindfulness

Gastronomy and craftmanship lionsgate capital

Gastronomy and craftmanship

Electronic music temple lionsgate capital

Electronic music temple

How can Lionsgate Capital help you purchase your home in Ibiza?

Regardless of whether buyers have the funds to purchase, it makes sense for everyone to mortgage as by mortgaging you can optimize your property investment in Spain. One of the main reasons are the competitive interest rates, therefore borrowing money is cheap and you can obtain much higher returns maintaining liquidity and investing in other areas.

Lionsgate Capital facilitates the purchase of your property, especially in such a strong market like Ibiza. The professional advice our experienced team offers helps all buyers make the best decision on how to invest intelligently.

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How can Lionsgate Capital help you purchase your home in Ibiza lionsgate capital

Obtain the best mortgage for your property purchase in Ibiza

We are the leading financing experts in the Balearic Islands working closely with more than thirty national and international banks. Ibiza is one of our main markets, especially among our high and ultra-high net worth clients. Our brokers who have extensive experience in the financial industry will always ensure that you are obtaining the best offer on the market.

We speak your language and always adapt to each case with a personalized approach. In addition, thanks to our extensive network of strategic partners in Ibiza, we can advise you and assist you throughout the whole purchasing process, from the property search to completion. 

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