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Why is a mortgage the best option when you purchase a property in Spain?

The housing prices in Spain have been rising steadily since 2016, even during the Covid-19 pandemic. In the last five years the increase has been of 16%. The National Statistics Institute data indicates that around 40,000 mortgages are signed each month in Spain, resulting in a high percentage of total sales. Due to the low interest rates and tax deductions, mortgaging when buying a property in Spain is the best option today.

Low interest rates

The Euribor, the main indicator for calculating mortgage interest rates in Spain, has been low for various years. Mortgage interest rates in Spain many times are lower than those applied in other countries, which undoubtedly favors buyers who have taken out mortgages over those who buy their home in cash. 

In fact, many clients have their funds well invested obtaining higher returns, it therefore makes it very attractive for all buyers to mortgage. 

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Low interest rates lionsgate capital
Tax optimization lionsgate capital

Tax optimization

When you invest in real estate in Spain, there are also tax implications to consider, especially in the high-end properties. Specifically, if you buy a property in Spain and its value exceeds a certain threshold, you will have to pay wealth tax every year, a tax assigned to the different Spanish regions that, in some parts double the European average.

Mortgages allow you to reduce the tax burden of Wealth Tax, Inheritance Tax and Gift Tax, as they are considered as a debt and can be deducted to reduce the taxpayer's net worth. Therefore, taking out a mortgage for the acquisition of a property in Spain has positive repercussions from a tax point of view. It is important the mortgage is in place at the time of purchase.

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A wide range of possibilities

There is not one best bank or mortgage for everyone, and our team always make sure they tailor each application to meet each client’s specific profile and needs. There are different alternatives to consider based on each client´s preferences and priorities, therefore it is important for every buyer to have all the information in order to make the best choice.

Mortgaging in Spain is different to other countries and the Lionsgate Capital team explain these differences to all clients. It is important all buyers have all the information in order to make the best decisions.

Top 5 reasons to buy a property in Spain

Ideal climate lionsgate capital

Ideal climate

Superior quality of life lionsgate capital

Superior quality of life

Top public & private healthcare systems lionsgate capital

Top public & private healthcare systems

Large number of expat communities lionsgate capital

Large number of expat communities

Extensive range of luxury properties lionsgate capital

Extensive range of luxury properties

Additional Points to Consider

Spain is a relatively accessible European country to buy a property in, whether you are a Spanish tax resident or not. The Lionsgate Capital team Works closely with clients from all nationalities and background, helping them with their Spanish property purchase process from beginning to end.

For non-European tax residents once you invest a minimum of 500k Euros in a property, you are eligible for the Golden Visa, a 2-year residence permit that allows you to live and work legally in Spain. One of the main advantages of this visa is that you don't need to stay in Spain for long periods to renew it during the year. You will only have to visit Spain every 365 days to renew your permit.

The Lionsgate Capital team works closely with clients from all nationalities and backgrounds, helping them with their Spanish property purchase process from beginning to end.

Securing a mortgage in Spain

Obtaining a mortgage in Spain for residents and non-residents can often become a long, complex, and sometimes fruitless process. You must provide a series of documentation to prove your level of solvency and wait for the bank to respond, which can take a very long time without ensuring a positive outcome. In addition, the offer may not fit your budget or needs.

For all these reasons, the best option is always to use the services of a mortgage broker who understands the local market, has vast experience in the financial industry, and can negotiate with Spanish lenders on your behalf. The Lionsgate Capital team are experts in helping all buyers secure the most suitable mortgage depending on their circumstances and priorities when purchasing a property in Spain.

How can Lionsgate Capital help you purchase your home in Spain?

The Lionsgate Capital team

is based in the Balearic Islands with the main head office located in the heart of Palma de Mallorca. Aside from the Balearics, our network and experience extend to all the high-end areas in mainland Spain. Our clients purchase properties in the main hub spots for HNW and UHNW ex-pats and foreigners in Spain, including Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca, Marbella, Madrid, and Barcelona.


We are expert mortgage advisors

who can help you secure the best overall mortgage terms and conditions in Spain, based on your preferences and priorities when purchasing a property. We speak your language and the language of the banks, work closely with all banks in Spain and in other jurisdictions, and have extensive experience in the financial industry.

Our team of mortgage brokers

will assist you with all the important information you need to know before buying a property and will advise you on the best way to optimize your investment and help you to obtain the best mortgage in Spain. Whether you are a Spanish tax resident or a non-resident, contact the Lionsgate Capital team to help you find the solution that best suits your specific needs and possibilities.

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