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Lionsgate Capital is the leading mortgage brokerage firm in Spain, specializing primarily in obtaining financing for real estate transactions in the Balearic Islands, Marbella, Madrid and Barcelona. Founded by our Chairman, American serial entrepreneur Drew Aaron and Juanita Casanas, who previously was a Director of one of the largest banks in Spain.

Lionsgate is made up of a team of experienced professionals in mortgage consultancy with outstanding experience in the Spanish banking industry, who understand that every client is different and who do everything possible to ensure every client maximizes their savings by always obtaining the best possible mortgage or financial solution for their particular transaction.

Our team is led by Juanita Casanas our President lionsgate capital

Our team is led by Juanita Casanas, our President

Before co-founding Lionsgate Capital, Juanita Casanas was the Director of a top Spanish bank in Mallorca. We have been operating since 2016 with a team of great professionals that together add up over 50 years of joint experience in the mortgage and Spanish banking industry. Our head office is in the heart of Palma de Mallorca, where the team assist clients buying properties anywhere in Spain.

“Thanks to our professionalism, know-how and extensive network, we have become a benchmark in the Balearic Islands and mainland Spain for property buyers”.

Juanita Casanas.

We are proud to engage and work with all types of client profiles

We interact with clients from all over the world, we speak their language; and make the process of buying a property with a mortgage fast, easy and cost effective. We take care of everything related to this process, from the very first contact to the completion of the transaction, tailoring every stage to obtain the best option based on each client's circumstances, priorities and preferences.

No matter what stage of the purchase process you are at, our team can help you, all you have to do is contact us to find out how much we can save you and how you can optimize your property purchase. Our clients are based all around the world and an initial enquiry can be via email, a phone call, a Skype call or in person.

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We are proud to engage and work with all types of client profiles lionsgate capital

Why choose Lionsgate Capital’s experts?

Our specialist team have in-depth knowledge of the Spanish real estate and mortgage market. This allows us, among other advantages, to help each client optimize their transaction and obtain the best conditions for the purchase of a property and the signing of a mortgage in Spain.

We have an extensive network of collaborators both nationally and internationally. We aim to advise you throughout the whole process of buying a property, from the search for a property to the signing of the purchase and the mortgage. Our commitment is to provide you with all the important and necessary information for your property investment. From the best local surveyors to renowned specialist lawyers, or top tax advisors, we can also recommend the best professionals for each client. Once a client has placed their trust in us, we accompany them at every stage and help facilitate the whole process.

Purchasing a home can be a challenging process that can also be complex and time consuming. However, thanks to our team´s expertise and extensive network of collaborators, we are committed to speeding up and simplifying the process for you. All you need to do is contact us, send us the required documentation and we will assist you with the process ensuring the optimum result is obtained, saving you time, effort and money.

We specialize in all types of mortgages and help clients purchasing a property anywhere in Spain, mainly in Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Marbella.

We are one contact for over thirty banks, and we facilitate the process for every client. Each client arranges one call, video call or meeting with a member of our team and only has to submit the documents once and let our team of experts take care of the whole process whilst ensuring the best conditions will be obtained.

Our aim is to obtain the best results whilst ensuring our clients satisfaction. This means that we will always look out for your interests, understanding your personal situation, preferences and priorities. For our team it is very important to be independent, impartial, clear and effective every step of the way.

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