Why is a mortgage
the best option?

the preferred option for buying in Spain

If you have the funds to buy a property in Spain, it does not always make sense to tie all your capital in one transaction. Many clients today consider a mortgage to diversify their investments, reduce their taxes liability, maintain liquidity, or simply wish to invest in areas with a higher return. 

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A mortgage can reduce the Wealth Tax and Inheritance Tax

When you purchase a property in Spain, you should be aware that there are tax implications, especially for properties of a certain threshold, were in most cases you will have to pay Wealth Tax each year. In some areas of Spain Wealth Tax is more than double the European average!

Mortgages can allow you to reduce both the Wealth Tax and the Inheritance Tax, as they are considered a debt and reduce the taxpayer's net worth. Therefore, obtaining a mortgage for the purchase of a property in Spain has positive repercussions from a tax point of view.

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Obtain a higher return on investment

It makes sense to maintain liquidity and not tie up your money in one asset, investing your funds in other areas that generate higher returns. Experts recommend diversifying across different investments to mitigate your portfolio risk.

Mortgaging at the time of purchase will help you diversify your portfolio and maintain liquidity to invest in other types of assets. In Spain it is difficult to release equity and obtain a mortgage after you have purchased. Consequently, it is important to take this into account and mortgage at the time of purchase.

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Obtain the best mortgage with the best conditions via Lionsgate Capital

We manage a large volume of transactions and are able to obtain preferential conditions from all lenders.

Moreover, thanks to Lionsgate Capital's professional experience and excellent network, the team of mortgage advisors will ensure you are matched with the bank that best suits your profile and obtain the best conditions and interest rates according to your personal preferences at the moment of purchase.

Why use a mortgage broker to obtain the best mortgage in Spain?

A mortgage broker in Spain will be able to help you obtain the very best mortgage out of all the banks. Obtaining a mortgage in Spain can be very different to obtaining a mortgage in other countries and the process is often complex. A good mortgage broker knows which banks are offering the best deals at all times and will take care of the application-process whilst ensuring you secure the very best deal.

It is important you use the services of a mortgage broker who has an excellent knowledge of the local market, has extensive experience in the financial industry and can negotiate with the Spanish institutions. The Lionsgate Capital team have vast experience helping hundreds of clients obtain the best mortgage and will be able to help you find the option that best suits your needs for your Spanish property purchase.

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