A holistic approach to real estate:
An interview with Mandy Fletling,
President of Living Blue Mallorca

Behind those stunning sea-view villas that everyone considering buying property in Mallorca thinks about, there is a peaceful and idyllic life in the countryside. It is in the centre of the island that Mandy Fletling built her ideal lifestyle and business. This German entrepreneur has over twenty years’ experience in the real estate sector and founded the real estate agency Living Blue together with her husband Claudio Martinez in 2012. An agency with a holistic approach to real estate that maintains the essence of its founders.

Before founding Living Blue with your husband, you spent some time in Mexico studying yoga and meditation, how do you manage to connect your spiritual side with real estate?

It is the perfect combination as it helps you to focus on the day-to-day business and keep a perspective from above. This is one of the reasons we have chosen the seagull in our logo. Our business is related to emotions and trust. If you as a company owner are not able to handle these aspects - how can you successfully lead a team in the world we live in? I am convinced that the right mindset and inner work is the key to success and in our case, it works perfectly. Meditation teaches you to be disciplined. I get up early every morning to meditate and do yoga, I am a vegetarian and do not drink alcohol. It helps me to stay centered.

"Wherever you feel at home, you are at home". What do these words from the Dalai Lama mean to you?

Wherever you go you also take yourself with you, so moving does not necessarily mean that you can escape from yourself and live a better life. However, moving to an island that has a lot of sun and a nice ambiance helps many people immediately feel at home, and home is where you feel you belong and connect with yourself and others and this, for many people, is easier to find in Mallorca than in their home countries. We have chosen this slogan for our company and put it in the entrance of our head office in Santa Maria because Mallorca is our home of choice even if we did not grow up here. You can feel at home anywhere and starting over is possible no matter your age or nationality.

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What would you say is the main difference between selling a house and selling a lifestyle?

People want to connect to like-minded people and enjoy leisure activities they like; they wish to have a special feeling about moving to our areas and enjoying life to the fullest. When all this is given then the house must be found, if they don't find what they want they may choose to build, make a refurbishment project, or be flexible on the area and the price. First comes the lifestyle, and second the choice of property.

What is your actual view of the real estate sector in the Balearics?

There is a strong international demand for properties in rural areas and towns in the Tramuntana region and in the centre of the island, where we are now located with 5 offices in different areas. Mallorca is unique and the demand will always be strong. I have been in the property business in Mallorca now for 19 years and the demand and stability in prices have always been strong. I believe the demand will continue to be stable in the future.

What makes it special to live in Tramuntana, apart from the obvious reasons?

To live connected to nature, enjoy authenticity, and connect to like-minded people who also appreciate this simple life. It is very quiet, with no planes or highway noises and the villages are very picturesque. It's like living in a fairy tale. You immediately connect to local and international people. It is not touristy, and you are also invited to learn some Spanish compared to other areas of the island where this is not necessary.

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What is your way of keeping your team aligned with the Living Blue philosophy?

We employ people who share our philosophy, so from the moment they start working with us we are already very much aligned. We have many meetings, are in constant communication, and have seminars, dinners, boat excursions, and parties together which helps to grow the team spirit.

How do you manage to stay true to yourself while being successful in such a competitive industry?

Meditation helps me stay focused. I am lucky to share this with my husband, we also travel a lot and participate in retreats which helps us see things from outside the box. We never sit for 12 hours in our offices; we need to feel free to be able to keep our vision alive.

What is your favorite Sunday plan in Mallorca?

From October to May we go hiking with our children and friends in the mountains, we take a picnic and spend the whole day there. It is beautiful and grounding, we love being surrounded by nature.


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