An Interview with Javier James,
Owner of Javier James Real Estate

When talking about Javier and Montana James, both their names are connected to Son Vida, the most exclusive and private area of Mallorca, where both were born and bred, and where their main real estate business is based now. Javier James Real Estate Agency offers the intermediary service for buying and selling luxury real estate in areas such as Son Vida and South-West Mallorca. The agency is now also a development company with its own projects, currently two in Son Vida and two in the countryside.

How does it feel to have grown up in Son Vida and now have the majority of your business based there?

I feel privileged to have been born, raised, and currently living in Son Vida, it’s such a beautiful and peaceful community.

It’s very special to have my principal place of business in Son Vida. I think it’s only natural since I know the area quite well. The majority of property owners have watched me grow up on the Son Vida golf course alongside my brothers.

Why do you think Son Vida attracts more and more investors and higher profiles?

Son Vida is called the Beverly Hills of Mallorca and it is a semi-private urbanization where you have same entrance in and out, 24h security, 3 top golf courses and 2 luxury hotels. Son Vida is surrounded by luxury villas from ranging between 3.5Million to over 150Million euros. Furthermore, Son Vida is set in a premium location, only 5 minutes’ drive from the center of Palma and 15 minutes from Palma Airport which makes the area very attractive and convenient. People who are buying a property or a plot in Son Vida know that it’s a good investment, their money is secure in the asset they purchase and the property value increases yearly.

Having a career as a professional golfer, how did you become a luxury real estate broker in Mallorca?

After finishing my university degree in International Business and Management in Palm Beach, Florida, my visa expired, and I came back to Mallorca. At the time, there was a huge economic crisis (Year 08/09). Being a respected golf professional, the most logical route to take at this time was to teach at the golf course in Son Vida, which helped me build a strong network of high-profile individuals who were looking to invest in real estate in Mallorca. That’s when I decided to set up my own real estate company.

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How easy is it to talk about business on the golf course?

Generally, most people don’t go to the golf course to do business, most are there because they enjoy a game of golf, for some of them it is a way to disconnect from the daily work stress and some just play golf to socialize with other people.

Personally I don’t talk about business with a person I just met on the golf course. I like to get to know them better, then I like to build a relationship, and then you can talk about business opportunities. I would describe playing golf as a resource to meet interesting business people.

Where are most of your clients from? Why do you think they want to invest in property in the Balearics?

There is a wide range of different nationalities, but the majority are European buyers. Some of the many reasons why foreign people invest every year more and more in real estate is because the Balearic Islands are considered the Caribbean of Europe. Mallorca is an island which is very secure, has amazing weather nearly all year round, has great infrastructure, facilities, and commodities to live and to enjoy as your holiday destination.

Do you think non-residents looking to purchase property, especially in the Balearics, find the process challenging?

Sometimes it can be challenging at first if the property doesn’t have the correct paperwork, but this isn’t challenging because the island is full of well-respected lawyers and tax advisors that help with the process.

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How do you feel the service Lionsgate Capital offers can benefit your clients ́ buying experience?

Lionsgate Capital offers a professional mortgage brokerage service on the island and help foreign buyers with their financing needs and the purchase process. We trust Lionsgate Capital´s expertise to make the financing process easier and to save our clients´ time and money. Their service is an added value we offer our clients once they have chosen a property with us.

How has Javier James Real Estate evolved over the years and what do you stand for now?

With many years of experience in real estate, Javier James Real Estate has grown and grown over the last few years. Our office is based in Santa Catalina where you’re welcome to stop by and meet us.

We work to provide the most personalized and professional service to our buyers and sellers, offering local knowledge like no other agencies. Javier James Real Estate also has access to a large off-market portfolio which is very attractive to investors. Post-purchase/sale is just as important to us also, we love to maintain contact and friendships with our clients.

What is your favourite Sunday plan in Mallorca?

To play a round of golf with my friends, have a nice lunch with my family and friends then go for a hike with my dogs, my wife and daughter.


Interview by Juanita Casanas

Co-founder and President of Lionsgate Capital

Juanita's goal at Lionsgate Capital is to create unparalleled solutions for the most demanding clients and create value through service, making Lionsgate Capital the major player for financing in the Balearic Islands and mainland Spain.

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