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Most expats that want to move to Mallorca have come across Abc Mallorca and therefore have heard the name of Dr. Helen Cummins. The Irish marketeer and entrepreneur moved to the island over 20 years ago and has created a platform and an international community that answers every question you might have before and after moving to Mallorca. Dr. Helen Cummins is also a people person, a true connector with like-minded minds living their dream lives on this beautiful Mediterranean Island.

How did you come to the idea of connecting your marketing background with your love for Mallorca?

It was very unintentional!

I arrived in Mallorca in January 1999 and at that time the quality of information available for English speakers was very limited. I was already in love with Mallorca and had a burning passion to share all the amazing places I had discovered with everyone who felt the same. That desire to share my knowledge with others was the driving force behind abcMallorca, and it still remains the fuel that keeps the machine running today.

How would you define the luxury travel sector in Mallorca?

It has evolved so much over the past 10 years, and I like to think we played a role in how Mallorca is now perceived internationally in the high-end market. The definition of luxury has changed profoundly, and therefore the exclusive travel sector is affected by these changes in consumers’ demands. Travellers are looking for a unique local experience – to take stories home that can be shared at dinner parties that make them the most interesting person at the table.

What do you think an expat really looks for when considering moving to Mallorca?

That depends on many factors! But in general, the natural beauty of the island, the weather, the security, and the cosmopolitan lifestyle on offer. For digital nomads, connection with like-minded people, facilities such as co-working spaces, and high-speed internet connections. For parents of young children – the variety and quality of international schools are important factors. For retired people – the international medical care, variety of hobbies and activities on offer, etc.

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After 20 years with abcMallorca, what makes you now focus more on your eponymous brand?

I don’t think I focus more on the HC brand abcMallorca is the main brand and always will be! I established the HC brand over the past 4 years to support people who have a dream of living and doing business in Mallorca – creating a new life on the island. Of course, it is a small niche market compared to the massive tourist market that abcMallorca serves. But similar to when I established abcMallorca all those years ago, I felt there was a lack of good quality information for people planning to relocate to the island which is a major life decision and one that needs to be made based on well-researched, impartial information.

From a clear initial lifestyle approach, what made you want to change to focus on business and real estate?

The market in Mallorca has changed enormously in recent years. The majority of people who relocate to Mallorca now are in their 30s, 40s and 50s (our largest target market) and they are still very active in business and home life so I don’t see that lifestyle, business and home life can be separated. In fact, the new approach to a balanced way of life is to integrate all parts of life rather than invest energy to segregate and separate. People are choosing where and how to live at a much younger age than their parents did. Everything is changing, particularly lifestyle and we need to adapt to these shifts if we are to remain relevant!

What is the key to your thriving networking community of international and inspiring expats living on the island?

That is an interesting question. I established the abcMallorca Business Club in 2006 when the concept of networking was very new to the island. The club grew to over 5.000 members and was very successful – so many business collaborations were created during the 15 years of its existence and I’m very grateful for that. But I felt it had run its course. I wanted to create a new, more intimate conscious business community for business people who share the same values and purpose. It is a curated community that feels more like an extended Mediterranean family than a business club and that is perhaps the secret of its success.

What role do you believe conscious business plays in fostering sustainable economic growth and a positive impact on local communities?

I think conscious business is the only model for sustainable economic growth. We are all responsible for protecting this beautiful island. There are many inspiring examples of foreigners who own businesses here and make a very positive contribution to the local community and the environment. And of course, others just want to gain the maximum. Each one of us has to decide who we are and what we stand for!

How can businesses in Mallorca actively engage with the local community and contribute to its well-being?

Take responsibility for what you do and the impact it has on the island. And seek out opportunities to contribute something rather than receive. These are very broad ideas but it works on an individual level as well as at a community level.

If you could start over with abcMallorca, what would you do differently?

Wow, that is a nice question to ponder after 20 years! In general, I have remained true to my initial vision for abcMallorca which means I must be on the right track J But there were times when I got distracted and veered down paths that turned out to be dead-ends. But I guess life is never a straight line so whatever it took me to get to where I am now I would not change. I hope that answers your question!

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During the pandemic, you discovered kundalini yoga and this led you to become a teacher yourself, are there any learnings from this practice that you have incorporated into your business role?

I feel very fortunate that I discovered this ancient practice which is an incredibly effective antidote to the highly pressurised times we live in. Every day brings new challenges in life and business and what I’ve learned is not to REACT but to stay steady and strong regardless of what comes along. It has made me much more resilient, calmer and generally happier. It’s a tool to live a better life. And now I am sharing this discipline with the members of my business community and that makes me very happy and fulfilled.

Could you elaborate on the concept of a conscious business community and its meaning in today's world?

Quite simply conscious business is about having a purpose greater than profit. It is an elevated state of awareness where decisions are made taking into account all the stakeholders’ needs and it is about leading from a place of strong values and principles.

How have you seen the island´s evolution since you moved here over twenty years ago?

The sector where I’ve seen the greatest evolution is the hospitality sector. The high-quality and variety of excellent restaurants as well as the number of beautiful boutique and finca hotels on the island has exploded over the past 25 years.

Most expats moving to Mallorca do it to slow down their hectic lives, but they still own or want to create a business, how compatible do you think slow living is with having a prospering business on the island?

I think it is very compatible to have a prosperous business and a slow lifestyle – hopefully, I am a good example of that The key is to have an amazing team! You are only as good as your team.

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What is your main tip for all home buyers in Mallorca before they move to the island?

Do the research. Ask questions. Seek recommendations from trusted sources. The more research you do the less likely you are to make a costly mistake.

You inspire people, but how does Dr. Helen Cummins inspire herself?

I read a lot of books. I get on my bike and explore the countryside little villages and towns of Mallorca and I always come away inspired. And I surround myself with authentic people with interesting insights to share about things that matter.

What is your favourite Sunday plan in Mallorca?

Having no commitments. Reading a book on my terrace. Cooking dinner for my family and watching a good movie together!


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