Lionsgate Capital specializes in mortgage services for clients not only on the island of Mallorca but throughout Spain.  With over 20 years of expertise, our team is equipped to work with clients to facilitate an effortless process from start to finish, sourcing and delivering the best options together with the most competitive rates in the market from a portfolio of each of the top banks participating in the high-end mortgage arena.

Lionsgate Capital delivers a new standard of luxury service in mortgage lending, liaising with both national and international financial institutions to offer a wide range of mortgage solutions, ensuring we find the solution that best suits our clients’ needs, making the process easier and quicker as well as helping obtain the best available rates.

Reasons why you should mortgage today:

  • Interest rates are at a historic low.
  • You can further diversify and maximise your investments.
  • You can take advantage of important tax benefits.

Reasons why you should contact Lionsgate Capital:

  • You will obtain the most competitive rates.
  • We are a one-stop-shop for mortgages; 1 contact for all banks.
  • We will help you obtain the best mortgage while simplifying the process, making everything easier and quicker, every step of the way.

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