Lionsgate Capital is a full-service luxury firm based in Mallorca that focuses on providing clients with exclusive access to the finest portfolio of quality products and services in high-end lifestyle. The brand represents global business leaders and investors with unparalleled and custom offerings that satisfy their discerning needs both locally in Mallorca, as well as throughout Spain, Europe, and North America. As a client of Lionsgate Capital, the possibilities for investment and lifestyle opportunities are limitless.

We are dedicated to growing long-term relationships by consistently identifying and delivering a service that exceeds our clients expectations, handling any engagement with our clients from first contact and beyond completion of each service, as we continue to consult on any and all future needs.

Lionsgate Capital is a future thinking company incorporating a diverse team of specialists with expertise and experience to deliver creative solutions to your needs. Trust and discretion form an integral part of how Lionsgate works; the natural result of extensive business experience, and consummate professionalism. Understanding your every need and holding your hand throughout the entire process, the Lionsgate Capital team moves mountains and raises the bar to give every client exceptional service and delivery.

Drew Aaron
Chairman & CEO

Drew brings 20 years of global Executive, Operating and Business Experience to Lionsgate Capital, having extensive knowledge and experience in running large scale international organizations along with expanding existing prominent companies around the world. Along with founding Lionsgate Capital, Drew serves as President and CEO of The Aaron Group of Companies, one of the largest privately held paper brokerage firms in the world and under Drew’s leadership from 2000 to 2016 the company expanded from two existing firms to an international conglomerate whose combined sales grew from 20 million in annual revenues to over 1 billion dollars under his leadership. Drew has served as Chairman and CEO of various other prestigious firms during his tenure with The Aaron Group, including Aaron Investment Corp, MCI, a high-end international design firm; Studio Dror, an international high-end real estate development firm focusing on large-scale residential and commercial projects in US, Europe and Asia; The Aaron Gallery, focusing on placing high-end contemporary art in the proper collections; Material Good NY, where the Aaron Gallery serves as the exclusive art partner to the luxury concept boutique in Soho, NYC. Material Good has on display for sale the finest watches, jewelry, contemporary art and high-end design and is in the process of expanding globally. Drew has held positions on various prestigious Board of Directors and Executive Committees for both profit and non-profit organizations, including Trump, The ASPCA, The Whitney Museum, Unlock The Cure, DKMS, each Aaron Paper entity and YPO Metro New York. Drew resides in Spain and the US with his wife Hana Soukupova and their two children Finn and Ella and is responsible for overseeing hi-level growth and strategic business development for Lionsgate Capital.

Juanita Casanas

Juanita is the co-founder of Lionsgate Capital. Juanita was born in the United Kingdom and raised in Spain and has travelled extensively over the years. With over 18 years Management experience and having worked in Spain, United Kingdom, Argentina and USA, for the past 9 years Juanita has worked as a Director for Banco Santander in Spain and due to the consistent level of service maintained, clients and business associates continue to recommend Juanita to their contemporaries worldwide. Juanita’s goal at Lionsgate Capital is to create unparalleled solutions for the most luxurious lifestyles, creating value through service where the diversity combined with the complete array of luxury products and services under one roof makes Lionsgate Capital a major player in the luxury market. Juanita loves the Mediterranean lifestyle and has lived in Mallorca since 2007 with her two children Karina and Leo.