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About Us

We are the mortgage advisory market leader in in the Balearics, with a team of experienced and highly motivated professionals with outstanding experience in the Spanish banking industry, who understand that every client and every application are different and who do everything possible to ensure the best possible mortgage is obtained for all Lionsgate clients at all times.

Our aim is to continue to be the mortgage experts in the Balearics, providing an exclusive, creative and innovative service every day, whilst maintaining an honest and impeccable reputation amongst our clients and partners by continuing to do our best for every Lionsgate client.

Who we work with

  • img not foundNon-Resident Clients
  • img not foundSpanish Tax Resident Clients
  • img not foundYachting Industry Clients
  • img not foundPrivate Banking Clients
  • img not foundInvestors
  • img not foundDevelopers

What we offer

  • img not foundMultilingual team
  • img not foundExtensive market and banking knowledge
  • img not foundFriendly and direct communication
  • img not foundExtensive professional network
  • img not foundIndependent and impartial advice
  • img not foundSimple and speedy processes
  • img not foundConfidentiality and data protection
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Specilalist team

Our specialist team will ensure you enjoy a smooth and efficient process from start to finish.

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We specialize in mortgage services not only on the island of Mallorca but also throughout Spain.

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Success stories

We do everything possible to ensure you gain the best solution and are happy to share our success stories.

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Mortgage advice

We pride ourselves on our extensive industry knowledge and are dedicated to providing the best advice.

Why Lionsgate

Today many buyers are mortgaging, regardless of whether they need the funds or not, and this is not surprising due to the low interest rates available, being able to diversify investments and the tax advantages you can benefit from. The Lionsgate team will help you obtain the most competitive rates and conditions whilst making the whole process smoother, faster and easier from your first conversation with one of our team members right up to completion at the notary.

Clients come to us in 3 different ways; 1. Before having contacted the banks and we take care of the whole process, 2. Having contacted a few banks and they ask us to take over and 3. Clients also come to us with the bank´s offers and once we confirm we can improve the offers, we take over, in other words, all clients at any stage of the process can benefit by contacting our team!

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Trust and discretion

Trust and discretion form an integral part of Lionsgate Capital. We work with over 20 top banks, in Spain and internationally, to offer all our clients buying properties in Spain the very best mortgage. Our clients are of all nationalities and tax residences and we specialise in all types of applications, from easy and straightforward applications to clients with complex structures and companies in several countries who are interested in mortgaging for tax purposes and to maximize return on investment.

Lionsgate Capital is registered under the data protection act and SEPBLAC, ensuring security of all personal data for all clients at all times.

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Great relationship
with the banks

Due to our great relationship with the Banks, Lionsgate clients are given priority treatment and because of the volume of transactions and quality of clients we present and the way we submit our applications to the banks, we are able to speed up the process and negotiate better terms and conditions, in many cases substantially improving those offered on the high street.

As the banks often change their products and conditions, we keep up to date on all mortgage products, terms and conditions at all times to be able to offer the best mortgage that suits every client's needs at every given point and time.

We meet the top representatives from all banks on a regular basis to ensure we are always up-to-date on all products, terms and conditions , we also meet many of the banks' management team members from the mainland and from other countries too.

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The Lionsgate Capital team is made up of 12 professionals

The Lionsgate Capital team is made up of 12 professionals, including 4 ex-bankers who together add up over 40 years experience in the Spanish banking system. Due to our team´s understanding of the Spanish banking system both from within the Banks and out, together with the understanding of the risk assessment and mortgage underwriting process, the banks consider us the leading mortgage advisory company in the Balearics.

Our mortgage team's aim is to find the best solution and way to present each and every mortgage application, taking into account each client's profile and background, to obtain the best results at all times.

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We do not charge anything for an initial enquiry

We do not charge anything for an initial enquiry and work solely on a success fee. We are happy to have a meeting with all clients, in person, over the phone or via Skype. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

We offer initial independent and impartial advice with no obligation, and of the big advantages of working with the Lionsgate mortgage team is that you only have to speak to us, therefore avoiding the tedious process with having to contact one or several Banks and the “complicated Spanish banking jungle” as one of our clients described it.

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We work closely together with all lawyers and real estate agents

We work closely together with all lawyers and real estate agents as a team and together deal with all aspects of your purchase to make the process as smooth and as easy as possible, helping overcome any issues that may arise in a quick and efficient manner.

If you haven't contacted a lawyer or a real estate agent yet we are always happy to refer the top professionals in each sector as we have a large network of strategic partners we highly recommend.

What we offer

  • img not foundLanguages, we speak your language and the Banks language
  • img not foundVast experience in the banking sector
  • img not foundKnowledge of the market
  • img not foundWe simplify the process
  • img not foundWe speed up the process
  • img not foundWonderful office in the best location
  • img not foundConfidentiality and data protection
  • img not foundOne contact for all the banks
  • img not foundClose, direct and friendly contact
  • img not foundGreat feedback and communication during the process
  • img not foundA great network of strategic partners
  • img not foundWe work closely as a team with all real estate agents and lawyers.
  • img not foundWe try to find the best solution and way to present each and every mortgage application, taking into account each client's profile and background
  • img not foundInitial independent and impartial advice with no obligation

Who we are

Lionsgate Capital is a future thinking company incorporating a diverse team of specialists with expertise and experience to deliver creative solutions to your needs. Trust and discretion form an integral part of how Lionsgate works; the natural result of extensive business experience, and consummate professionalism. Understanding your every need and holding your hand throughout the entire process, the Lionsgate Capital team moves mountains and raises the bar to give every client exceptional service and delivery.

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Drew Aaron


English, Czech, Mallorquin

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Juanita Casanas


English, Spanish, French, Portuguese

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Maria Jose Ferra Sanso

Senior Mortgage Advisor

English, Spanish, German, Mallorquin

img not found
Sabine Stimming

Senior Mortgage Advisor

English, Spanish, German

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Tanja Pohlmann

Business Development Manager

German, English, Spanish

img not found
Montana Wilson

Executive Coordinator

English, Spanish, French, basic Chinese

img not found
Maja Bugarski

Director of Finance

English, Spanish, Catalán, Serbian, Croatian / Bosnian, Russian

img not found
Pilar Atienza

Financial Analyst

Spanish, English, Mallorquín

img not found
Stefanie Alesi

Senior Executive Coordinator & Assistant Director of Finance

English, Spanish, German, Romanian, French

img not found
Johanna Coenen

Marketing & Sales Coordinator

English, Spanish, German

img not found
Lola Muriel

Sales Coordinator

English, Spanish, French

img not found
Claire Alliot Soto

Art Specialist

English, Spanish, French

Are you interested in joining our team?

Are you interested in joining Lionsgate? We are always looking for great people and have a range of oppotunities for roles and interniships, so get in touch with us today.


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Strategic Partners

Here is a comprehensive list of the documents required for the mortgage application. We also have a checklist of documents for each nationality and tax-residence that we will email you after our initial conversation.


Become a strategic partner

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How you can benefit from being a strategic partner

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What our strategic partners say

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What our clients say

"Thank you, Juanita, for your prompt attention and thorough and seamless communication in organizing our mortgage with the best terms in record time. We are extremely happy with the professional service we experienced and have not hesitated in recommending Lionsgate Capital - Thank you!"

Chris and Fiona Hawken

Lionsgate President and employees make life so much easier in a Spanish banking jungle which is not easy to understand for German and foreign investors

Many thanks again,

Michael Hendricks

It was/is a pleasure to deal with you and I want to thank you, especially to Sabine, for the efforts you put into the project. The way of communication, the frequency of responses and the tonality was at all times state of the art.

Many thanks and kind regards,

Michael Lienhard

Thanks! This would not have happened without you and the Lionsgate team!

We are really pleased with the villa and Mallorca and looking forward to spending a lot of time in the future there.

Knut Dyremyhr

Dear Lionsgate, I wanted to write to you to give you our thanks for assisting us with the purchase of our new property.  You and your team have provided such a professional, personal and friendly service throughout enabling us to make informed decisions with very little stress throughout.  I very much doubt we could have closed the deal ourselves without your expertise and we look forward to using your services in the future.

Oliver Kinchin

Dear Lionsgate team,

I want to thank you for all the efforts made and all your excellent work. I am more than happy to recommend your company and your professional staff to other future clients of yours.

Anthony Young

Juanita and the Lionsgate team, thanks a lot for all your help and advice. It was really nice working with you and I will tell everyone in my circle about your company.

Ben Kolff

 Having a holiday home in Mallorca is our dream.  Juanita Casanas and her team have helped us a lot in finalizing our dream come true.  They are very knowledgeable of their services and great professionals to work with. They understand our needs and provide us with all the data. Throughout the sale and purchase process, the Lionsgate Capital team were always approachable, prompt and supportive. They offered invaluable advice and guidance through all the stages.


Medina Abidin

Juanita and her team made the process of navigating and securing the best possible Bank lending for my property acquisition, a stress-free experience. I would also add that if you don’t speak Spanish, this is a service that you simply cannot go without!

Nick Wiszowaty

I just wanted to pass on our sincere thanks to you and your colleagues at Lionsgate for the friendly and efficient service we experienced in finding the mortgage we needed at the best rate available, which allowed us to complete on the purchase of our beautiful new home in Portals within the timescales required.

I am pleased to tell you that we would have no hesitation in recommending Lionsgate to anyone wishing to find the right mortgage.

Steve & Maria Scully

On choosing Lionsgate to help me fund my house purchase in Mallorca, I found the team extremely personable, more importantly they had extensive access to multiple mortgage offers that I would have found difficult to beat. Their professionalism made the process certainly more speedy and pleasant, and even in adversity they showed they could successfully handle and mitigate any potential issues. I look forward to using some of their other services.

Warm regards

Janine Carhart

 I've only had good experiences with Lionsgate. The communication was excellent, I always received quick and correct feedback on questions. All information was always binding and correct, I am fully satisfied with the final mortgage and the handling from the very first contact to completion.

Markus Peter

We consulted Lionsgate Capital to help us define a mortgage strategy for a property investment. The team was a wealth of information and made the process incredibly easy for us, making sure we got the best loan at the lowest possible rate.

Claire and Thomas Perrier

We were very impressed with the communication and professionalism of Maria and the friendly team at Lionsgate. Their services proved to be indispensable in our recent house purchase. They initially sourced the best mortgage for our needs and then accompanied us through everything to the final completion signing.

Carla and Barny Perry

From the very first contact I had with Lionsgate Capital I felt I was dealing with a professional firm who were experts in their field. Throughout the process the whole team were efficient and kept in regular communication with me. As an English speaker I experienced no problem and I never felt confused. I would have no hesitation recommending Lionsgate Capital to others. 

Stephen Baxter

I would like to take this opportunity to thanks Lionsgate Capital for all their help in finding and securing a mortgage for me to buy a property in Palma de Mallorca. The team were always very professional and available at any time. Not only did they provide me with various mortgage options with different banks, they also supported me in dealing with the lawyers, estate agents and banks. The process was easy and efficient – which was very important for me as I am based outside the country. Th...

Monica Malik

It was indeed a real relief for me to team up with a company which has a perfect knowledge of the real estate loan market, and the necessary connections with all the significant players of the industry, either here in Mallorca or in the "peninsula".

We ended up getting two offers while our case was not that simple. Highly recommended!

Fabien Leduc

We have purchased homes in other countries - the USA, UK and South Africa - but have never before experienced the high level of professionalism and amazing service that we had from Lionsgate Capital.  From the very first telephone contact with the company, Juanita Casanas patiently explained the mortgage and property purchase process in Mallorca to us.  After our offer was accepted on a house, M...

Tim and Rosemary Ashby

Ellie and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your fantastic service in helping us to buy our home here in Mallorca!

Your professional and personal touch made the whole process seemless and very straightforward for us, living some 5000 miles away.

We really appreciated your great communication (in English) towards us, responce times and the provision of great support and solutions during the whole process. 

I have a large network of profession...

George and Ellie Stoyanov

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